KinG MughaL
Hacked By
Hunter Mafia Don
Team Bl@ckLeets

Greetings Citizens of the World
The Security injected By Hunter Mafia Don

Hello Admin.. Ur security is Null ;

Warning Massage For Indian Government ;
We are Here on behalf of 21 Crore Pakistanis !
This is Our 1st and Last warning to Indian Sheeps , Back off Motha fuckaz
You Motha fuckin Sheeps can't be us , We are fuckin leet Pakistanis , Fuch yea Noobs

Every Time when Ever you Bitches try to Attack Pak Cyber Space You Sheeps Got Fucked Badly What U Think who are you? fuckin superman or Ironman You are Nothing More than Street Rats and Sheeps You are Nation of Rapist , fashist , racist , Your own Army rapes your sisters , your Mothers , your Navy exchanges Wifes Your sisters got raped publically in Busses , Go and secure your sister and mom from your own Brothers then think about attacking Pak , Keep it in mind, in India Hackers are manufectured but in Pakistan Hackers are born ! feel the differance Next Time if you try to attack Our Borders or Cyber Space we will Fuck your Economy by Hitting your Banks , Forex , Exchangers and corporation as well as leaking customers detail and fucking credit cards , This will be The worse Face of Cyber attack which you will ever face when We will Leak 50 thousand indian credit cards , many of you hindus will sucide as there saving will be fucked , Scare from that fuckin day ! you bitches have no idea how deep we are in your ass , Stay away be save from we ghosts With Love to our Great Pakistan Army

Proud To Be A Pakistani
Pakistan ZindaBaad

We Are Team Bl@ckLeets :

[#] We Are: | Hunter Bajwa || Hunter Mafia Don|| Xam 3xPloiTeR || Blackhattiger || Mr killer|| Malik1337|| MR GHOST || RJ_d3 | D3 Dasin |
[#]Gr33ts to :-| Rajpoot Haxor ||V1RU5_1947|| Malik Arman|| Mr Xero 1337 || Tanha Ali || Zoha Ansari|| Hunter Ghost|| Target Killar || M??? C??c??? | Jhon Bettler||Khan Babar|

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